When planning a ceremony, it’s often great to incorporate traditions that have been handed down through generations. Specially when they add a little something more to the day. We spoke to Michelle Johnstone Clark from Waterlily Weddings, specialists in location marriages in Ireland, and she helped us pick out some great Irish marriage traditions http://projectbritain.com/valentine.htm that you could add to your big time.

The sound of bell humming is said to maintain evil spirits away and restore cooperation irish bride website so it’s no surprise that it was included in several Irish marriage ceremonies. You can incorporate this into your own ceremony by having a member of your party ( or your celebrant ) ring bells at important moments in the ceremony or reception.

Unlike Scottish marriages where melodies are often played, Irish citizens prefer the sweeter and smaller pipelines called Uilleann pipelines. They you play before your customers enter the church and to proclaim the wife as she comes down the aisle. They’re also frequently used to direct couples out together during the set. Additionally, you could rent a Gaelic Harp which is known for it’s melodic voices and haunting beauty.

The properly- known” things old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” is a popular component of many Irish marital beliefs too. The borrowed product typically comes from a happily married colleague, and the thought is that the wife borrows some of their luck for her own huge day. Blue was typically a lucky colour for wives in Celtic times as it represented loyalty.